How To Watch College Football Games Online

So you want to catch the latest NCAA game live – from your couch? Its your choice if you want to miss out on the excitement on the field, but with the broadband Internet of this era, how to watch live college football games online is a simple question to answer. You don’t need a cable subscription – you just have to know where to stream NCAA college football online.

CBS Sports

The first name that comes to mind when speaking of live footage is CBSSports. This site was created in 2007 and allows people to broadcast live videos from top conferences like the SEC and PAC 12. If anyone is broadcasting an NCAA game – and they often are – , you can catch it here. There are apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod and Android so that you don’t have to be limited to your laptop (or couch) only. Everything is free unless you are allergic to ads, in which case you can get a Pro account.

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WatchESPN is another free resource where to stream NCAA college football online in addition to just about any other game you might be interested in. This will bring in all of the ESPN network live to your computer, tablet, Xbox 360 (for LIVE gold members) and smartphone. There are five grades of video quality which will auto adjust according to available bandwidth, but you are supposed to get an optimum experience with a connection that provides at least 2mbps.

The quality is as good as it gets without being HD. There is just one problem, which is not a problem, really: you have to be accessing this network from an ISP affiliated to WatchESPN with a video subscription. The list of affiliated ISPs is huge, so the chances of your not finding one where you live are slim. You just have to log in with the username and password your ISP provides you with, and WatchESPN even has an instructional video on how to do just that.

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Everyone’s favorite YouTube is also a good resource, though not for watching the games live. You can catch the highlights and replays here, and the options are numerous. There is not much to be said about YouTube that most people would not know. Quality of video will depend upon the uploader’s preference. Sometimes, certain videos are available at a higher quality and yet, you can’t find them through the YouTube search function. To make sure you are, indeed, catching the best, just copy the video URL and paste it on the KeepVid site. KeepVid will show you all available videos and you can choose to download one that has the best quality.

Google Play Apps

If you want more options you can choose from a variety of free and paid apps from Google Play. Free ‘n’ Easy TV is one of the best free apps available to stream your favorite game live on your smartphone or tablet. You can search for an applications for your favorite team or go to the official NCAA site to find it. even has a Real Time Highlights video feature if you wish to have a quick view.

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Other Sites

There are sites like P2P4U and First Row Sports that are also free, but you will have to face irritating pop ups, and prompts to install additional plug-ins. While they may not necessarily be malicious, any plug-in can infect your computer, and it is best to approach these sites with caution. VIPBOX is one of the better known sites, and the software that you have to download does not seem to have any complaint against it – yet.

A word of caution about VIPBOX: you could end up spending time on irrelevant things and missing out on the game you intended to watch if you are not careful. The choices are overwhelming, and you will need to familiarize yourself with the site to find what you are looking for.

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Final Words of Caution

Watching live games from anywhere you like is fun, but you should probably stick to the more reputed sites that stream using the Adobe Flash plug-in. Try not to fall for sites that ask you to fill in a survey to watch the game. And certainly avoid the ones that ask for your credit card number with the assurance that it is for verification purposes only and that your card will never be billed.

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